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I did as the prior thread recommended and it was actually quite easy.

Télécharger VirtualDJ Home pour Mac -

Since it is fresh in my mind I will put an easy recap for anyone else that might like skins on their mac. I went to work and on my windows computer there here is what I did. I picked 7 random skins 3 Go into the skins folder 4 Copy the. They are already in. New skins for Virtual Dj on your mac.

Posted Tue 29 Jul 08 pm. In laptop set-ups, the hardware is just a dumb box or set of dumb boxes. Controllers tend to be black and look cooler than computer keyboards, too, which helps.

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Your gear can change throughout your DJ career, but your software is hopefully for life. There are lots of DJ software platforms to choose from, which can make it a confusing game. However, it licenses its software to some of the biggest names in DJ hardware. This tight tie-in with DJ hardware companies helps Serato to ensure that its software runs smoothly and is easy to set up and use, something beginners will find comforting. It also plays nicely with pro DJ gear of the type you find in DJ booths think ubiquitous Pioneer set-ups — with the considerable caveat that they have to be the latest models, and set up properly in order for this to work flawlessly.

Serato can be extended to work with video and even karaoke, and of all the DJ software, is the best when it comes to using modern DJ functions such as beat sync with all types of music.

Our top free and paid-for mixing tools and DJ software for PC, Mac, Android and iOS

From Native Instruments, which is one of the biggest music production software and hardware companies, Traktor Pro is about to become Traktor Pro 3. It does work fine as a DVS, though, and also in the pro DJ booth with Pioneer pro gear, with the same caveats as discussed in the Serato text above.

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Likewise its Stems feature allows you to DJ by isolating parts of tracks such as drums, bass, melody and vocals, albeit using special music files of which precious few are currently available. Pioneer DJ rules in the pro DJ booth — you rarely spot gear from any other companies in real-world discos, clubs and lounges.

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Surprisingly though, it was late to the game in all of this — but it caught up fast. It can even control your DJ lighting, although that side of it is new and currently pretty underwhelming. No paid-for plugins, either — you get it all for that price.

Note des utilisateurs User Rating 7. There are a host of DJ apps that can be used on the Mac platform.

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However, VirtualDJ Home has carved its own niche in a competitive marketplace. It is one of the most popular DJ apps for Mac, specifically targeting the casual DJs wishing to mix their own music. Create home based music mixes by simply dragging and dropping music files or songs into the main pane.

The turntable-like interface allows you to mix songs however you like. There are two controllers where you can mix and control two songs. Both have sliders, knobs and other sets of buttons for mixing control.