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The other feature is that the shapes of individual letters change forms depending on whether the letter is alone, at the beginning of a word, the middle of a word or at the end.

Font release note

In order to process Arabic correctly, a software must be able to display text from right to left and make sure the letter forms are displayed correctly depending on their positions within a word. Unfortunately, there is incomplete implementation of creating correct letter forms in many software packages. In order to integrate foreign scripts into your computer, you must set up "keyboard" or input utilities in your operating system.

These utilities will allow you to switch between typing English and other languages in word processors and Web tools. This process will also make sure the correct fonts are installed and available on your operating system. See instructions for configuring right to left typing in Word for Windows for tips on how to type RTL languages.

However, you may have to install it from the Macintosh System disk because it is a complex script.

How to Import Fonts in Microsoft Word on a Mac : Tech Yeah!

See the Macintosh Keyboard Instructions for details on how to activate the keyboard. See tips for creating Mac Right-to-Left documents including alternatives to Microsoft Office for more information. If you have your browser configured correctly, the Web sites above should display the correct characters. If you have difficulties, see list below for font and browser configuration instructions. Additional freeware fonts can be downloaded from from the sites below, and some include Persian support.

Free Persian Font download |

Browsers which fully support Unicode are the strongly recommended. Click link in list to view configuration instructions. You will be asked to match a script with a font. If you see Roman character gibberish instead of Arabic you will need to manually switch from Western encoding view to the Unicode encoding under the View menu of your browser. These are the codes which allow browsers and screen readers to process data as the appropriate language. All letters in codes are lower case. This can also be added for Pashto. Computers process text by assuming a certain encoding or a system of matching electronic data with visual text characters.

How do I setup Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew with SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS?

Whenever you develop a Web site you need to make sure the proper encoding is specified in the header tags; otherwise the browser may default to U. To declare an encoding, insert or inspect the following meta-tag at the top of your HTML file, then replace "??? If you are not sure, use utf-8 as the encoding. The final close slash must be included after the final quote mark in the encoding header tag if you are using XHTML.

Characters sample

If no encoding is declared, then the browser uses the default setting, which in the U. Some display errors may occur. Language tags are also suggested so that search engines and screen readers parse the language of a page. These are metadata tags which indicate the language of a page, not devices to trigger translation.

Looking for a font for Farsi

Skip Navigation Accessibility. Following are instructions for getting Farsi Unicode to display properly on various computer operating systems. Alternatively, please consult the Microsoft Help and Support website — try searching for "Arial Unicode". Nesf is a Unicode font based on Nimrooz, suitable for Farsi web pages. To install it please download the font here:.

Microsoft Windows

To install the font, use the font utility in the Control Panel. There are more detailed instructions on our installing fonts page.

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Alternatively, simply copy the. If you have installed the font and it is still not displaying properly this might be because you have an old version of Internet Explorer, if you are using a version older than version 5. To find out which version you are using select Help , About Internet Explorer. The easiest way to upgrade is to use the Windows Update icon in your start menu, alternatively you could go straight to the Windows Update Website or you could go straight to the Internet Explorer Downloads Web site. Microsoft no longer supports Windows