How to hide utorrent on mac

Much nicer than uTorrent IMO. I'd also suggest moving to Transmission. I switched to Transmission and I have to say that it's a lot much better than utorrent! Was that really necessary to quote reply 4 different posters on a thread that is basically end of life?

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Sign in with Microsoft. Recommended Posts. Posted November 4, The latest version of utorrent for Mac have ads included and they are very annoying. In the Windows version you can easily remove the ads by disabling some info in settings. Can be done on Mac by modifying something in package contents? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Nick H. Find an alternative. This guide was put together using information given by the developers of bittorrent programs at their forums, guides and FAQs. There are no secret tricks, just the real basics of proper set up of a bittorrent program.

Following these simple steps should result in increased download speed. Such programs are a scam and generally contain adware or spyware. I have seen it said, by the developers of all bittorrent programs, that nothing will increase your download speed in a bittorrent client more than the basic steps set forth herein.

The basic principles above apply to all bittorrent clients. The only issue is where they are located in the client. I do not have a Mac and can not confirm that these are accurate screenshots, but I believe they are. To avoid messing up a network connection that is already cleared, first check and see if your communications are blocked or are already clear.

The Randomize port each start option should be disabled as this could affect router and firewall settings and rarely serves any useful purpose. Error - follow all steps. If you failed the port test above, then you should first set your port to a proper one. The most important choice here is to avoid using a port within the range.

How To Hide The Dock Icon For Any Mac App While It Is Running

If your port was in this range, change and re-test. The safest choice is a port in the range as this will avoid ISP blocks and possible conflicts with other applications. This range used to be , but apparently Vista and Windows 7 grabs some of those ports in between. Vuze-Wiki: Port is Blacklisted. Windows users, if you want to make certain there is no conflict. Looking at the log. Introduction A router will block incoming communications unless an exception is made.

All software firewalls will block incoming communications and most will also block outgoing communications, unless an exception is made.

0. Close uTorrent

If you are "firewalled", then other people will not be able to initiate connections with you see Why Is Being Firewalled Bad. As there are many firewalls and routers, this guide can not give explanations as to each. However, there are guides available, on the internet for most firewalls and routers and this guide will link you to them. Setting permission for the port is the safer choice.

How to hide device icons on your Mac desktop

Router - There are two choices here. The easier way is to use UPnP. However, this has a possible security issue. Using UPnP allows any program to create a port mapping through the router without consent of the owner. If you still want to use UPnP, then it would be a good idea to test and see if your device is vulnerable to attack through UPnP.

The other choice is to manually forward the port through the router. This does not have that security issue, but involves going through several steps to accomplish. Using the guides linked herein, this should not be that difficult and is the preferred method. Error - re-do steps or seek help in Forums. The more upload you give, the more download you will get from other peers. However, if upload is set too high, or to unlimited, then download speeds will suffer as outgoing communications acknowledgment signals, resend requests etc will be interfered with.

Tips for Hiding your Identity Online

Other adjustments are made here to distribute your upload so that you receive back the most download from other peers. This is a slightly quicker process than this guide.

However, my testing of the Setup Guide settings versus the calculator of this guide showed better speeds with this guide. First of all, the setup guide only offers settings for certain upload rates. So if your upload rate falls outside their offerings, the settings will not be as precise as those in the calculator below. Speed Test : Speedtest. To take the test you must have Flash installed and javascript enabled.

Before taking the speed test, press Settings in the upper right of the speedtest.

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This will take you to another page. At the bottom of that page is the "Global Settings" options. Set "Speed Measurement" to kilobytes and press "Save". You should stop all internet activity, including torrents, before taking the test and the test should be taken a few times to obtain a reliable average. Results will now show in KiloBytes. It is the upload rate that is important here.

How to use Utorrent Mac

However, you may wish to do a double check on real life upload speed. When you are active on a torrent with a good number of peers and you are using your upload cap, set upload to unlimited and watch for about minutes and see where upload settles in at. Then input that number into the calculator in the kiloBytes section. Note: Some ISPs will show inaccurate results on the speed test. If your ISP has anything like Comcast's PowerBoost , then your results will show higher than the actual speed of your connection.

PowerBoost provides a burst of download and upload speeds above your provisioned download and upload speeds for the first 10MB and 5MB respectively. Since the speed test involves relatively small files, this will skew results upward. Using Google "speed result" x. You should end up with the calculator showing a cap that is about half of the test result.

Although designed for Azureus, this calculator will work for all bittorrent clients. This calculator was created by the a contributor to Vuze fka Azureus and part of the team that created Bittorrent Protocol Encryption. The general rule here is to choose torrents that have a high seed to peer ratio.